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  • Shortest Path Problems on a Polyhedral Surface 

    Cook, Atlas F.; Wenk, Carola (San Antonio: Dept of Computer Science, University of Texas at San Antonio, 2009)
    We develop algorithms to compute edge sequences, Voronoi diagrams, shortest path maps, the Frechet distance, and the diameter for a polyhedral surface. Distances on the surface are measured either by the length of a Euclidean ...
  • Geodesic Fréchet and Hausdorff distance inside a simple polygon 

    Wenk, Carola; Cook, Atlas F. IV (Department of Computer Science, University of Texas at San Antonio, 2007-08-18)
  • Foods of the Maya : a taste of the Yucatan 

    Gerlach, Nancy (UTSA Libraries, Special Collections, 2010-05-05)
    Image of the color illustration from the book by Nancy and Jeffrey Gerlach. The image shows a woman wearing an embroidered blouse seated at her food stand which is piled high with sacks of food and fresh vegetables and fruit.
  • San Antonio's contribution to the popularization of Mexican food 

    Unknown author (UTSA Libraries, Special Collections, 2012)
    A PowerPoint presentation illustrating San Antonio's Mexican cooking culture. Images show chili queens and chili stands in downtown San Antonio, and products and the industrial plant of Gebhardt's which produced tamales, ...
  • Mike Fresher, Tobin Center CEO interview 

    Fresher, Michael; Rubio, Emily (Department of Music, 2017-04-27)
    Mike Fresher was interviewed by UTSA student Emily Rubio about his work in the music and entertainment industry.

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